What’s your favourite eBook?

Which is your best eBook download and why?

Today we’re talking about our favourite eBooks and why we like them so much. There are so many best sellers out there at the moment so it can be difficult to choose “a best one” however on Tech & Books, we’re going to try! It’s important to know why we like these books and what it is about them that makes it so enjoyable to read. I first started reading books back when I was about nine years old and since then I haven’t been able to but them down since. So be sure to leave in the comments your favourite book and why.

Firstly what is a eBook? Why have they taken over our lives from the good old fashioned hard back and paper back books. Well to define an eBook, It’s “an electronic version of a printed book which can be read on a computer or a specifically designed handheld device.” This means were able to read thousands of Books all on one little device! No more carrying around 5-6 books to take on holiday with us. Now which eBook to go for? Well this is simple. You either choose the Amazon kindle that is cheap, huge selection of cheap books and uses a technology that electronic ink, that makes you eyes not hurt. The other alternative is a iPad or a sumsung galaxy however these both use LEDs which can be harmful to your eyes if your always looking at the screen. The best way to read a book these days is to get an eBook download.

So onto my favourite book this year. There have been a few by best sellers¬†Becca Fitzpatrick, Veronica Roth & Gillian Flynn. These great female writes have really hit it out the park this year but let’s not forget about the most famous female author recently, E.L james! These authors have written some great eBooks such as Divergent pdf and the rest of the trilogy along with great books like Hush Hush!

Some of these books are great to download and are very affordable especially from amazon. So my favourite book of 2014 was Divergent and the other books of the trilogy. I’ll be posting more about these series after I read them so be sure to stay tuned!



IT Support

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It Support for business

IT Support for home users and Business

It’s difficult these days to find good IT Support. Online is filled with companies out there but who can you trust? Home users can struggle with day to day tasks on the computer, from dealing with a virus or learning how to use a function in Microsoft word. In business it’s crucial to find support exactly when you need it. The more time staff are wasting time on a IT problem the less productive they are being meaning less work being done for the company. These are few points in which great IT support is needed.

But what do you need from IT Support? Well first of all you need someone you can trust with your IT, someone you can call straight away and understand that your’re not a computer person like themselves. You need them to deal with your problems fast and efficiently. So who do you go to for this support? Well PC Live Help is a good choice.

PC Live Help have been around for a few years now and was created by a more local IT services company called SLS Computing. They wanted to allow their customers to receive faster service and to be able to serve more of them at once, pc live help was born. Allowing them to remote support out the their clients issues, solve them straight away so they could get back to what they were doing. Not having to arrange a time and wait around for a technician and pay a more expensive price for call out. They also invented protection and support plans. A plan that you can sign up to with no contract and have your trusted IT team behind every step of the way.

Now what can a Computer support company do for you or your company?

They can help remove viruses and malware. It very common for a computer to receive viruses and malware especially if the the pc doesn’t have virus protection, malware protection or keeps up to date with virus definitions. Well a online pc repair company can help with this. They will be able to remove any threats on your computer and make sure it’s kept running smooth so when you need to use it you can rely on there being no problems. Malware can be especially annoying, It can take over your browser, throw up ads on your webpage or desktop screen and then even redirect you to download a virus! Once you have one, more will come so be sure that you can get some Malware removal.

They can give lessons and quick tutorials on yours operating system or a piece of software. Struggling with using the new Microsoft Office? Or maybe you don’t know how to bookmark a webpage it Google chrome? However simple or complicated the problem may be these guys will be able to help. Just give them a call and they would be able to talk you through over the phone while showing you via remote support. Helping users out with these types of problems can be very rewarding and will then help you with productivity allowing you to get work done much quicker.

A PC speed up is always a high priority on may peoples list. If your computer is running slow then you run slow. There’s nothing worse then sitting and watching your computer load, that’s why it’s good for a IT technician to take a look at your machine and get it back to how it used to be. Many things can make a computer run slow so this may take a while to sort however once done you’ll be able to get on with your life.

There are many others that a IT Support company can do for you but why don’t you visit a website and find out what other services they can offer?¬†http://www.pclivehelp.co.uk/