Website Design For Small Business

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Website Design For Small Business

Website Design For Small Business

Website design for small business is essential, well for any business it’s essential but it’s vital to increase growth to eventually become a much larger organization. On this page we’re going to discuss why any small business should have a website and what’s the best way to go about it. Let us go over what a website is first off. A website is a set of pages served from a domain name ( ¬†This is hosted of a web server database that anyone with the internet can access by going to said domain name. Domain name can also be referred to as URl or Web address. The user then accesses this website by using a browser such like internet explorer, Motzilla firefox or our favorite Google Chrome. So the main aim of a website is to deliver content similar to a newspaper as there are many newspaper companies online. The website may promote content such a blog, provide a service like for instance Website design for small business or can even stream media/ entertainment. From what it has delivered since it was started it seems the possibilities can be endless.

So why do you, a small business owner need a website? Well, it’s a good question. So let me ask you one. How do you interact and gain more customers? How to you promote your service? Not forgetting how do you keep in touch a with your existing customers to make sure they come back? A website can do all this and so much more. Here’s a few statistics about people searching on the internet. Did you know that 2.4 Billion people use the internet! In the Uk alone in 2013 internet users spent ¬£91 Billion! Internet is becoming the new high street and websites are the new high street shops! So if that’snot a good enough reason, Well, i doubt i can convince you more… Also quick hint, Google is a search engine which basically indexes the whole internet which allows you to search what you’re after. Anyway this accounts for 94% of worldwide searches.

Now that we’ve decided it’s a good idea for you, the small business owner to get your business a website let’s talk through the best way of doing it. Now we clearly want the two best things when it comes to purchasing anything, which is quality and a way that it doesn’t hurt your wallet. I’m going to come right out with it, don’t take this website as quality. Quality content yes but as for page design a navigation no. Why don’t i list it so it’s easier.

First off:

1) A hosting provider. The company that provides you with the server to put your new fantastic business website onto. We’d recommend Godaddy! The reason is, It’s cheap, It’s easy to manage and the support is excellent. You can also sort out a business email from your domain name, for example

2) You’ll need a way to build you website. We’d recommend WordPress. Just like how this website is built. It allows you to easily edit content and easy to use. It’s also great to help optimize your site for Google but we won’t touch on that for the moment. Another great thing is that Godaddy have dedicated WordPress hosting which is cheap as anything, around 0.69p per month!

3) You’ll need someone to design and develop your website on your WordPress CMS (Content Management System) Hell, even set up wordpress for you. For this, we’d recommend PCLiveHelp.

4) Last but not least you will need to help get it ranked on Google for keywords that you want to be found under when people search for you in Google. Again we’d recommend PCLiveHelps Search engine marketing service.

Now you have the basic steps to get your business a well built and professional looking website for an affordable price, believe me, this is the best way to do it!

R7Designs Out!